The ever changing world of Fluxx


I rarely bring games with me when travelling, but this time we brought two. Star Fluxx and Chtulu Fluxx. I like both, but my girlfriend prefers Star Fluxx (probably because she tends to beat the s… out of me most of the time we play).


Both games start off with the simple rules “draw one card” and “play one card”, and from there it evolves. You'll play different cards throughout the game:

  • Rules card that change the rules (how many cards to draw, how many to play, etc.)
  • Keepers that often give you extra possibilities, and mainly serve to help you win the game
  • Creepers that can hinder your progress (and sometimes be needed to win)
  • Actions that let you do anything from drawing cards to stealing keepers
  • Surprise cards that can change the game instantly
  • Goal cards that set the winning conditions for the game (usually Keepers, but sometimes also Creepers, or a combination of both)
  • Ungoals (Chtulu Fluxx) where the game wins if the conditions of the cards are met

It may sound complicated, but it's quite easy to follow. All the rules are listed on the cards you play, and after one or two play-throughs you'll understand it well, and you just might be hooked.


They take very little room, and provide a lot of fun. We usually keep one of them in our bag when we walk about the city, playing a round or two (or three) at various café stops. Highly recommended.


For a brilliant walktrough of Star Fluxx, check out this episode on Tabletop where they play the game (and please check out the other episodes while you're at it. Who knew watching people play board games and card games could be this much fun).


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